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hot water tank repair Mission

hot water tank repair Mission

Many homeowners overlook the importance of their hot water tanks until they develop a problem. At Ellens & Sons Plumbing & Gas, we understand the stress of having a broken hot water tank or heating system, which is why we strive to provide quality hot water tank repair in Mission and surrounding municipalities. A leaky hot water tank could cause many problems, including unwanted expenses if left unrepaired. Therefore, consider getting your hot water system by a professional technician.

How do I find out if my hot water is leaking?

One of the most reliable signs of a leaking hot water tank is damp or wet areas around the water heater. However, this may not necessarily mean your hot water system requires repair. The cause of the leak could be the plumbing surrounding your water heater. Wet weather may cause puddles of water to accumulate around your hot water tank and cause you to suspect a leaking water heater.

Take several steps to determine if your hot water tank is leaking. First, dry the water heater by wiping it altogether to determine obvious leaks. Secondly, place a dry piece of cloth under the water heater. If the fabric becomes damp or wet, then you probably have a leak on your water heating system.

Source of the leak

Consider hiring a professional such as the plumbing and gas technicians at Ellens & Sons Plumbing & Gas to identify the leak source. The technicians will inspect the water heater and connecting plumbing to identify and address the leakage.

Various factors may cause water heater leaks. A leak in the heater drain valve is considered minor and easily repairable. Common leaks you may find in a water heater include inlet and outlet connection leaks. This can be quickly be resolved by checking the connection points to identify and tighten loose connections.

A more concerning type of leak is one in the temperature and pressure relief valve. Fortunately, this type of leak can also be repaired by an Ellens & Sons Plumbing & Gas technician. The main functions of the temperature and pressure relief valves are to control water pressure and prevent overheating. The point where the temperature and pressure relief valve enters the tank should be watertight to prevent leakages.

Should I repair or replace my hot water tank?

Replacing your hot water tank can be quite expensive, depending on the nature and extent of the damage. Therefore, check your hot water tank and heating system regularly for leakages and other problems. Call a professional plumber in case you notice or suspect problems with your hot water tank.


Damage to your hot water tank is typically caused by age and deterioration. Although replacing your water tank may seem costly, it can save you a lot of money in the long term.

At Ellens & Sons Plumbing & Gas, we install, repair, and maintain hot water tanks, including electric and gas water tanks.

Please call us today for hot water tank repair and replacement. We are always available to pick your call any time of the day or night.


hot water tank repair Mission
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hot water tank repair Mission
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hot water tank repair Mission hot water tank repair Mission hot water tank repair Mission