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Best Rectangular Umbrellas

Cool-Off is a reputable supplier of Shademaker products, the best rectangular umbrellas on the market today. If you’re in the process of creating a backyard oasis, need shade for your outdoor café, or are searching for a commercial umbrella for any outdoor environment, look no further than Cool-Off to help you achieve your goals while staying under budget. Along with quality Shademaker umbrellas, we also carry products from Fim, Treasure Garden, Jardinico, and a handful of other big-name umbrella manufacturers.

Save Big on Rectangular Patio Umbrellas at Cool-Off

Our outdoor patio umbrellas are among the lowest-prices products found on the Web- proof that you don’t have to pay a lot of money to purchase a quality umbrella. We recommend the following products when comparing prices on the best rectangular umbrellas:

  • Shademaker Sirius 8’9 Square Crank Lift Offset Patio Umbrella; two side-by-side make an excellent rectangular set-up.
  • Fim’s Flexy Series Aluminum 8’x12’ Rectangular Offset Patio Umbrella provides exceptional coverage and protection from the mid-day sun.
  • 14’10” Custom Rectangular Umbrella, made with awning-grade acrylic fabric designed to stand up to any outdoor environment.

Why Buy Rectangular Patio Umbrellas From Cool-Off?

The answer is simple- our reputation precedes us as a company committed to carrying only high-quality products from manufacturers you can trust. When we partner with an umbrella manufacturer, we put our stamp of approval on the product, so it’s important to us that it is a product that will meet the standards our shoppers look for. You’ll not only find a bargain when you choose our website as your umbrella supplier, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes from buying a product that will last for many years.

The Best Patio Umbrellas For Sale Online

What makes our umbrellas the best money can buy? Durable construction, customizable features, and a wide range of color options, to start. Reasonable prices and an industry-leading warranty make our products the best rectangular umbrellas for any outdoor area, from residential to commercial and industrial. Why settle for anything less than the best when we can offer you so much more than our competition?

Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces Like Never Before

It’s amazing how much a small shaded area can increase the comfort level of your backyard. With Cool-Off umbrellas, you can give your family and guests a respite from the sun and from UV rays that are intense during the daytime hours of 10;00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If the sun is preventing you from swimming in your pool or spending time in your patio, our umbrellas can help you reclaim lost outdoor space, creating a comfortable area for BBQs, entertainment, relaxation, reading, and many other enjoyable activities.

The best outdoor umbrellas are found online at Cool-Off- browse our collection to find the perfect umbrella or contact one of our product specialists by calling 800-504-6478. We would love to assist you in selecting an umbrella that will provide ample shade for your backyard or commercial location.

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Best Rectangular Umbrellas Best Rectangular Umbrellas Best Rectangular Umbrellas