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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Maintenance

Written on March 27, 2024.
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When unfamiliar hums disrupt the usual hum of your AC unit, or your energy bills inexplicably climb despite your cautious use, it’s a wake-up call that maintenance is overdue.

The comfort of your home hinges on the smooth operation of your air conditioner, yet signs like uneven cooling, peculiar smells, persistent leaks, or the unit’s struggle to maintain the desired chill are red flags you can’t ignore.

Unusual Noises Coming From Your AC Unit

As your air conditioner goes through its cycles, paying close attention to its sounds can reveal crucial insights about its health. Unusual noises emerging from the AC unit, far from being mundane, signal a plea for maintenance or repair.

Identifying whether these sounds resemble a banging, buzzing, or whistling lays the foundation for understanding potential issues.

Reflecting on the last time your system received a thorough check-up can highlight whether these noises are routine wear and tear or indicators of a more serious problem. These cues serve as vital signs from your cooling system, urging immediate attention to prevent further damage or inefficiency.

Identify if It Is a Banging, Buzzing, or Whistling Sound

Discerning the specific nature of sounds emerging from your air conditioner is akin to unraveling a mystery that could save your system from potential breakdown. A banging sound often points toward loose or broken parts inside the condenser unit, something a skilled technician needs to address to prevent further damage. Conversely, a buzzing noise might indicate electrical issues or a problem with the air filters, while a whistling sound could be a sign of a duct leak, compromising the efficiency and performance of the air conditioner.

Understanding these audible clues is crucial in maintaining the health and longevity of your air conditioning system. Each sound, be it banging, buzzing, or whistling, signifies a different underlying issue, signaling the need for immediate inspection and maintenance. Early detection followed by professional intervention from AC Plus Heating & Cooling can not only restore your AC’s performance but also extend its service life, ensuring your space remains comfortable irrespective of the season.

Increase in Energy Bills Despite Regular Use

Observing a rise in energy bills without a corresponding increase in usage often waves a red flag regarding the health of your air conditioning system. It’s a tangible indicator that something within the system might not be functioning as efficiently as it should.

This uptick in costs, especially when compared to previous months or even years, can serve as a crucial prompt to assess the system’s efficiency.

A decrease in how effectively your air conditioner cools your home not only strains your budget but also puts undue stress on the unit itself, potentially shortening its lifespan.

This situation underscores the importance of closely monitoring your energy bills alongside your AC’s performance to identify any discrepancies that may hint at the need for maintenance.

Check if There Is a Noticeable Decrease in Efficiency

Detecting a decrease in your air conditioner’s efficiency can often start with acknowledging that rooms in your house take longer to cool down than they used to. It becomes evident when the air conditioner runs continuously, yet the desired temperature seems like a distant dream, signaling a clear call for professional maintenance.

Your Home Doesn’t Cool Down as It Used To

Experiencing a diminished cooling effect in your home can be both frustrating and indicative of an ailing air conditioner. If you notice that some rooms remain stubbornly warm while others are comfortably cool, suspect an uneven distribution of airflow, hinting at potential blockages or system imbalances.

Check the Thermostat Settings and Performance

An often overlooked culprit behind an inefficient cooling system is the thermostat. Incorrect settings or malfunctioning units can lead to excessive energy consumption and a noticeable decline in home comfort. Ensuring your thermostat is accurately set and functioning properly is a quick first step toward troubleshooting cooling issues.

Advancements in thermostat technology, like programmable or smart thermostats, offer improved control over your home’s temperature and energy use. If your home struggles to stay cool, evaluate your thermostat’s performance or consider upgrading to a more efficient model. Such a change could significantly enhance your air conditioner’s effectiveness and reduce operating costs.

Strange Odors When AC Is Running

Turning on the air conditioner only to be greeted by strange odors can be unsettling and is a telltale sign that your system needs a closer look.

These smells, far from being mere inconveniences, are often indicators of underlying issues within the unit, such as mold accumulation or electrical malfunctions. Distinguishing whether the odor is musty, suggesting the presence of mold, or has a burnt quality, hinting at potential electrical troubles, is crucial.

Proactively inspecting the unit for visible signs of mold growth or evidence of burning can prevent further damage and safeguard your home’s indoor air quality.

Determine if the Smell Is Musty or Burned

Determining the specific nature of odors emanating from your air conditioner is crucial for identifying the underlying issues. A musty smell typically suggests the presence of mold within the system, which not only affects the unit’s efficiency but also poses a health risk. On the other hand, a burnt odor could signal electrical problems, posing a serious safety hazard that requires immediate attention.

Acting on these odors promptly can prevent further complications, ensuring your air conditioning unit continues to operate safely and effectively. While a musty smell necessitates a thorough cleaning to remove mold and improve indoor air quality, a burnt scent demands a professional inspection to address any potential electrical issues before they escalate.

Frequent Cycling or Never Reaching the Desired Temperature

Noticing irregular patterns in how your air conditioning system operates, such as frequent cycling or an inability to reach and maintain the set temperature, can be warning signs of underlying issues requiring immediate attention.

When an AC unit turns on and off more often than usual or struggles to keep the household at a comfortable temperature, it reflects inefficiencies within the system. Understanding these operational quirks is crucial for determining the need for prompt maintenance, safeguarding against more significant and costly repairs down the line.

AC Plus Heating & Cooling is Here for You!

Paying attention to the signals your air conditioner emits is crucial for its efficiency, longevity, and your comfort. Strange noises, such as banging, buzzing, or whistling, indicate various potential issues ranging from loose parts to duct leaks that necessitate professional attention.

An increase in energy bills despite regular use or a noticeable decrease in cooling efficiency signals that the system is not operating as it should. Also, if your home doesn’t cool down evenly or certain rooms remain warmer than others, it may point towards airflow blockages or thermostat issues requiring assessment.

Addressing these signs promptly through professional maintenance with AC Plus not only restores your air conditioner’s performance but also prevents costly repairs, extending the system’s service life and ensuring your home remains comfortable and safe.

Written By Matt Postoian

Matt Postoian has been in the HVAC industry for over 20 years and is dedicated to providing homeowners in Southern California with total home comfort.

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Donald M.
Teresa M.
Scott came to service my ac unit very professional down to earth.thank you Scott I will b requesting you on my next service call.
Jerri T.
Technician was very professional and informative.
Michael H.
Scott arrived on time and cheerful as always. I have been very pleased with AC Plus everytime they have come out to do their regular maintenance on my system. I give them my highest recommendation.
Virginia G.
Matt our service tech was awesome! Professional, courteous, got right to the job and we have AC again!
Judy S.
Scott did a wonderful job
Darilyn N.
I was extremely pleased with quality of work, the fast response to my call, and the very personable and professional attitude. Pricing was also very fair. Would highly recommend this service to anyone needing help with A/C repairs.
Janet W.
Steven did a great job cleaning the air conditioner. Steven was very friendly polite and new his job.
Zeng X.
Really appreciate the service
Amazing job. These guys know what they are doing and are very good. Technician Brandon was very thorough and took many pictures of before and after. He was able to show me what he actually did for my A/C units and all of the diagnostics he did. Great preventive and routine maintenance. Highly recommend.
Bruce A.
Quick response, knowledgeable, courteous
Jean L.
Isaac was very knowledgeable and explained the workings of our heating and ac systems. He was very helpful.
Marlene H.
Arrived on time very good.Excellent will recommend AC plus heating and air.They also do financing as it to your convenience.Will definitely give him a call brandon you're a guy
Catherine B.
100% Happy with AC Plus!!! Have been for years! I recommend them 100% too!
Ron M.
We have been using AC Plus for over 15 years for all of our Heating and Air Conditioning needs. Throughout the years we were always impressed by the great service that they provided. They are a family owned and operated business and they brought a new level of service expectations for any of our HVAC needs. We have worked with Sean over the past 5 years. He is very knowledgeable and very responsive. Any time I called Sean I knew that I would get the best service out there. Our furnace just went out and we needed to purchase a new one. I had high expectations for AC Plus installing our new furnace. Sean bent over backwards to get our new furnace installed because we did not have any heat. He managed to get a team to work on a Saturday to get our unit installed. He said they would come out at 8:30 and it would take them about 6 hours to replace our furnace. They showed up at 8:20 and took out the old unit and installed the new one in 4 1/2 hours. Again, AC Plus exceeded my high expectations. If you need any HVAC systems serviced, I couldn't say enough about the great service from AC Plus !!!
Susie M.
Sean is absolutely the best. He provides service above and beyond. Something you don't see alot of these days. He is such an important asset to your company. We would recommend AC Plus to all our friends. Thank you for the excellent service !
Mary S.
Yes was very thorough did a great job
Steven was very thorough, efficient and professional. Thank you.
Janice R.
Stephen was very professional, clean, and able to easily explain any problems I had. There were some things that I could’ve had fixed, but I really appreciate so much that he did not pressure me whatsoever and honestly told me it was safe if I didn’t fix it at this time. I find that that rarely happens with service people. That includes car repairs, Plumbing, etc. I have always been impressed with Matt and feel his employees follow his honest ways.
Carol B.
You can’t go wrong with AC Plus 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟They are reliable and are always reliableWe trust them completely
Elizabeth B.
Excellent service Desert Dentist is pleased with their quality of work. They come and do a fantastice job We highly recommend AC Plus for everyone ..
I highly recommend AC Plus Heating & Air . Great service and very professional!
m H
Always receive great service. Frim the admin who make sure my schedule is met to the service personnel.Your serviceman really explained what he would do then he explained everything he had done. Tge is on exceptional employee.
Joe Buscher J.
My significant other and I use wheelchairs. I called AC plus at 8:30 PM at night 10/9/14. Because my A/C stopped working. We are very sensitive to temperature change. Matt came over to our home at 7:15 AM the next day and looked at our system. Our system was 15 years old and we needed a new one. By 9 AM that morning Matt had a crane at our home along with a crew of people who started work immediately. Matt even brought us lunch and checked on us throughout the day. Remember this was on a Friday 10/10/2014. By 10 AM on Saturday morning our air conditioner was up and running and the workers cleaned our home. I felt the price was fair and the customer service was excellent. I didn't feel rushed to make a decision. He took the time to answer all my questions along with his workers who were very nice and spoke English. They even took pictures and kept me up-to-date on the progress.
audrey W.
Good experienceKnowledgeable technicianVery nice young man
Pierre J.
Sean is very professional, efficient and friendly.
Cheryl P.
We are so thankful that Sean from AC Plus repaired our furnace especially, when another company who inspected it, stated the furnace needed to be completely replaced. Sean was timely and extremely knowledge. Within 15 minutes he had it up and running perfectly. Our home in Lake Arrowhead was registering at 40 degrees, therefore, having heat was essential. We highly recommend AC Plus for any service or repairs. I have already given his name to other neighbors. Sean was fantastic!
Sandy H.
Very professional, friendly and informative service. Thank you
Rajeana R.
We have been using AC Plus since moving to high desert about 8 years ago. They are always friendly, and go out of their way to communicate any issues.
Richard A.
Thank you. Service was perfect.
Lynne W.
Sean was always on time, great communication and very knowlegeable. The overall experience was seamless! I would highly recommend this company.
Barbara F.
Very professional and knowledgeable.
Barbara F.
This person is very Responsive and professional. Dependable.
Jeffrey D.
AC Plus has always provided fast, convenient, quality service. They are simply the best in the high desert. Technicians always explain exactly what they have done, and make recommendations to keep the system running efficiently.
Joe R R.
All of the above. Extemely pleased with technician! Very impressed with his professionalism and how he kept me informed on all that he was doing.
Eliseo R.
Glad I chose AC Plus for our new AC System. They have delivered on everything from the sale to the service of our new system. Starting with the great price!
skyent “Skyent” S.
I had AC Plus out to my house on a referral to do my yearly maintenance. They were so great I hired them that day to replace me furnace which was done literally two days later. The time they said they would be here and it would get done was exact. The office staff I spoke to was very nice and polite as well as helpful. The technicians were very polite, very professional, respectful of my home and clearly highly skilled in there trade. When they left it was like they had never been here. I would HIGHLY recommend AC PLUS and they will be my go to HVAC company. I really like this company. I only wish all companies conducted themselves this way.
Mark M.
Great,professional service. Thanks
Hannah B.
AC Plus offers unparalleled customer service. I requested service through their online portal, had a callback within minutes, and an appointment scheduled for the same week!The technician, Brandon, was professional and friendly! He arrived on time, explained everything he was looking for, and provided exceptional service. Great service and a great company!
Simon T.
Arrived on time, and performed system inspection, great always.
Andrew T.
These guys are quick and professional. Highly recommend
Carl W.
Brandon was great. Did a great job diagnosing and repairing our furnace. Highly recommend.
Marc M.
Amazing! Look no further - this is the best HVAC company in the inland Empire. They came to the house within 24 hours of my initial phone call, and actually arrived on time! Highly professional, extremely courteous, and Matt diagnosed and fixed the heating problem in short order. I expected to pay way more than I did, so even as a grumpy old cheapskate I have no complaints at all! Again, you will not find a better HVAC company. I highly recommend them with no reservations.
Kathy J.
Annual checkup of our air conditioning unit. He was pleasant, efficient and friendly. Did his work quickly without disrupting our day.
Lelia W.
Shawn took is time making sure heather was working
anthony C.
Great service! Trustworthy, reliable and on time! Thank you AC Plus!
Deilson da S.
I had a very positive impression of the AC Plus Heating & Air! From the technician that I’ve met in front of my house, to the agent that scheduled my appointment, and also to the technician that provided service at my place. The person answered all my questions (even the stupid ones). AC Plus Heating & Air Is a detail-oriented organization, that makes me feel glad for having them as my GOTO company for AC and heating services. Thanks for your good work!
AC Plus is very professional and reasonably priced. The technicians are very knowledgeable and caught the problem before we were without air conditioning. We have been a client for many years and the service has always been excellent.
Lynne W.
Sean has always been on time, great communication and very knowledgeable. Very happy with this company.
Judi L.
Professional. Excellent servce
Kenny V.
Professional service, very easy to deal with.
sherri H.
Scott came to do my Spring maintenance and was friendly and professional to talk with. I’ve been using AC Plus for a few years now and have not had one unfriendly incident whether on the phone or in person.
J B.
Kyle was knowledgeable and professional. He was able to explain the nature of what was causing the issue with the heating components.Great customer service :)
Alyssa F.
Steven was respectful of our home and was able to troubleshoot the issue with our condenser/transformer quickly and efficiently. We would definitely recommend AC Plus Heating and Air! Thank you, Steven!
Moe A.
Timely and professional! Sean was extremely friendly and had excellent communication throughout the whole process. Best estimate I got in the high desert for the work I needed done and answered all the questions I had. I'm extremely pleased with the crews work and cleanliness. I'll always recommend AC Plus heating & air to family and friends.
Juan D.
Very good.Brandon was very helpful explaining AC unit was in perfect conditions.
Kevin L.
I needed them to install a Z wave thermostat. It’s an unusual thermostat and we didn’t have any luck the first time. But the second time, there worker did a fantastic job of getting the thermostat up and working. He was very easy to work with and did a great job, I highly recommend them.
Donna G.
Very informative and quick service.I highly recommend
I only use AC Plus for all of my HVAC needs. Super trustworthy friendly, knowledgeable and their customer service is great. They are promp and arrive when stated. They are a small business so the prices are cheaper but their knowledge and workmanship are top notch. No need to call anyone else. I've had both condensers replaced and they are working great. No issues.
Anna R.
I've trusted AC Plus to service my heating and AC system for almost two decades. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Christian E.
Very helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly staff. Nothing short of a remarkable experience from start to finish. Highly recommend to all.
KarAnina R.
On time. Professional. Cleaned up after.
Stormy L.
Our service was absolutely awesome. He was very thorough with everything. He worked fast an efficient.our technician didn't try to push anything on us. He recommended things an it was our choice to go through with it. So nice an well spoken. Couldn't have had better service
Irma G.
We need a new furnace because our heater would not start. During these freezing days. We got a couple of estimates from several companies but AC Plus was the best one and their service was excellent they fit us in to their schedule right away. Thank you for your dedication and service.
Very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Whether it be customer service or repair/installation, we can count on AC Plus to give us top notch service and fair estimates with every effort to give us the earliest date possible when applicable. We have used AC Plus several times in the past, will continue with them in the future and don't hesitate to give them 5 stars and our high regards and recommendation.
Noe P.
They are responsive, professional and provide added value.
Lyn M.
Great tech, quick and professional service, will use again and highly recommend.
Chris L.
They sent Sean out and gave us an estimate. He was very professional and knowledgeable .
Kirk D.
Shane was the best and would love for him to be my usual guy to come and do my services
Roger M.
Shawn was awesome, Diagnosed the problem via a process of elimination in minutes such a comfort to have someone out that is a professional, sharp polished and a outstanding demeanor.
I am always pleased with the service provided by AC Plus. My heating system was inspected and serviced by Shane H. Today. I appreciate very much when a technician pays close attention to my concerns and that at the end of the inspection/service, he takes the time to go in detail on his findings. Shane did an awesome job. He has excellent customer service skills. He was very polite and courteous. I have been a customer of AC Plus for almost 10 years and I’m pleased to be doing business with them.
Vanessa “Nessa” R.
I called them to come out for a quote. The woman on the phone was nice and pleasant. They came out that same week and emailed me a quote the same day. I approved the job and they called me the next day to schedule the replacement of my swamp cooler. The guys that came out were great, with great communication throughout. Unfortunately the switch was also bad. They ordered it and let me know they would call me and schedule as soon as part is received. Literally later that day i was called and scheduled for them to come out the same week which was only a couple days later. I was very happy with their response time and that they communicated with me the whole way. They also called 30-45 minutes ahead to let you know they were on their way. I will definitely recommend and use this company again.
Jennifer V.
Sean was very nice and was able to fix the small issue with our heater quickly. Happy to have our heat working again. We really appreciate it!
Ryan A.
I was immensely impressed with Shane's conduct and his work. He was polite and courteous and did an excellent job. I'd recommend this company to anyone needing help with their air or heating.
Felix M.
very excellent service, fast and professional, thank you
Robert H.
We are very happy with how quick AC Plus heating and air conditioning put in our new heating unit. They were very kind and thorough.
Albert A.
AC PLUS I would call again if I need service AC or Heating. We had duct cleaning done by tech Scott who was very Friendly,Personable, and Knowledgeable. Done a great job Scott, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
Erik I.
The technician Isaac is very good in troubleshooting central Heating problems that was created by NextGen. I am a new customer and very happy with the service provided. If somebody read this review… do not waste your money on NextGen… not only will they try to suck you dry but also give you headache at the same time.This is a good company and very transparent and honest in my opinion.
Cynthia C.
Great service, there crew are hard works and very nice,,,thanks Matthew for very thing
Mike C.
Highly recommended Ac Plus Sam was very nice and very informative and great price .
Nest C.
Great service! Very professional and friendly!
Very reasonable, professional and got the heat back on in no time! Thanks!
Arianna P.
Everything was easy and quick, from the estimate to the installation.
Very good customer service, Reliable outstanding Serivce I received a call from the technician to notify me there was a cancellation which was outstanding the technician came by and good an outstanding work and explained everything he did with the furnace I would recommend this company to anyone 5 stars
Sanstlwh C.
The customer service is excellent both on the phone and the technician Jonathan. Our air conditioner is running wonderfully again! Thanks so much!
Brian V.
My air conditioner stopped blowing air through the vents. I knew I had to find an HVAC repair guy fast and I was worried about having some stranger with his hands on my equipment. I did a web search and found AC Plus Heating and Air with many hundreds of 5 star reviews on Google.Omar Amore came to my house and diagnosed and fixed the problem in 20 minutes and it cost me much less than expected. After he performed the work, he spent another 15 minutes with me educating me about the proper maintenance of my air conditioner. He quoted me some pricing on a couple action items to do next spring to keep my unit in good working order.Omar struck me as honest and thoughtful. I will use this company again for all my heating and air needs.
Richard M.
The service tech was on time, polite, and attentive.
Edward S.
Amazing experience with Sean coming out to view our property. Had a few concerns which we addressed and he also went above and beyond by replacing and fixing certain parts of the AC we were unaware of. Definitely will be using this company in the future.
Jennifer M.
Our AC died Tuesday night, we called Wednesday morning and they had a new unit up and working by Thursday afternoon. Very friendly and professional.
Kris F.
A/C went out and they came to help the 1st thing after the weekend! Very friendly, professional and prompt!
Virginia J.
The tech called to say he might be early, then called again once he was on his way. The job was hard to get to, but he persevered and got the job done!
Robert G.
Called AC Plus for AC service. They were very courteous and professional on time for my appointment, Jonathan service tech showed up diagnose the issue, and had my house AC up and cooling fast!
Marco A.
The staff at AC PLUS where amazing friendly and courteous. The technician Sean was very honest, friendly and kept us informed of what was going on till the very end. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. A+ RATING in my book. Thank you for the service AC PLUS.
Jeff M.
Our AC unit failed yesterday. Of course, it has been over 100 degrees the last few days, so we were concerned. Called AC Plus this morning and they had it up and running again by 11:00am today! Jonathan was great and explained everything to me, answered all my questions. We will be calling them again if we ever have any problems. The woman that answered the phone there this morning was also very helpful and pleasant to deal with. Thank you AC Plus!
Chris O.
Dogs were trying to get a squirrel and smashed the freon line flat. Omar came out and took care of the situation quickly and professionally much appreciated.
Rosanna R.
Everyone that works for this place is very friendly, efficient, caring and keeps you informed of when they will arrive. Air conditioning is up and running. Thank you 😊

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