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Author: Matt Postoian

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

Maintaining positive indoor air quality is important for a variety of reasons, such as your health and home comfort. Many experience seasonal allergies due to pollen and other sources, and indoor pollutants typically make symptoms worse. To be able to improve your home’s air quality, it is helpful to know what pollutants are impacting your allergies. In this blog, we discuss indoor air quality in Redlands, CA and common home allergens.

Why Is Indoor Air Quality Important?

Indoor air quality refers to the condition of your home’s air whether negative or positive. Many homeowners are unaware of the potential pollutants they are breathing in their home and how the allergens could be affecting their bodies. Not only does poor indoor air quality risk your health, but it can also cause discomfort and damage to your home depending on certain factors. While air quality is measured by pollutants in the air, it is also related to humidity levels. Too much or too little humidity can have negative impacts such as mold growth, which adds another pollutant to your home’s air. However, the technicians at AC Plus are here to help with our various indoor air quality services in Redlands, CA and surrounding areas, such as:

  • Air Quality Testing
  • Air Purifier Installation
  • UV Light Installation
  • Humidifier & Dehumidifier Services
  • Air Scrubbing
  • Duct Cleaning
  • And more!

Common Indoor Pollutants In California

Did you know that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air? This is often due to lack of ventilation inside homes. It is important for homeowners to be aware of the common indoor air pollutants they could be breathing inside their homes. Below we have listed common indoor air pollutants in the state of California according to Los Angeles Public Health.

  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Combustion Pollutants
  • Formaldehyde
  • Lead
  • Pesticide
  • Radon
  • Asbestos

How To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Many spend a large part of their days inside their home, whether you are sleeping, working, or escaping the uncomfortable winter and summer temperatures. This means some homeowners and residents are breathing their home air for 8+ hours. With that being said, do you know exactly what you are breathing and how it is impacting your health? Taking proper steps to improve your home’s air quality is necessary to keep you and other residents in your home healthy, especially during allergy season. Below we have listed four ways to improve indoor air quality in Victorville, CA and surrounding areas.

  • Perform Air Quality Testing
  • Install Beneficial Air Quality Devices
  • Regularly Change Air Filters
  • Schedule Duct Cleaning

Perform Air Quality Testing

It is important to know what allergens are floating throughout your home, because it can help take action to remove negative pollutants. At AC Plus, we offer indoor air quality testing in Victorville, CA and a variety of surrounding communities. Indoor air quality tests measure the air for specific allergens, such as mold, radon, and other pollutants. Depending on the space, our team will use a variety of tools to identify which allergens are floating throughout your home and negatively impacting your health. It is helpful to narrow down the pollutants inside your home, because our professional technicians can proceed with the best solution to improve air quality. Give us a call to schedule indoor air quality testing for your home this spring!

Install Beneficial Air Quality Devices

Once we have performed an indoor air quality test and identified which allergens are inside your home, an AC Plus technician will likely suggest a home device to benefit air quality. Below are home devices that can help improve indoor air quality.

Dehumidifier: If your home has allergens such as mold, it could likely be due to high humidity. Mold and mildew thrive in warm and moist environments and could be growing due to the humidity levels inside your home. Dehumidifying systems work to remove excess moisture in your home to protect your health and personal items. Too much moisture can affect electronics, books, and wood flooring/furniture.

Humidifier: Your home should remain between 30-50% humidity to keep you healthy and your home protected from damage. Homeowners often believe humidity is solely a hot and sticky feeling, but humidity is actually necessary for good indoor air quality and comfort. Due to Victorville, CA and surrounding areas being mostly a dry, desert like climate, many homes can lack moisture. Humidifying systems add moisture back into the air to benefit your health and prevent symptoms such as cracked skin and dry throats.

Air Purifier: Air purifiers work to remove pollutants from the air and keep your home healthy. The device pulls in unwanted pollutants, runs them through a filter, and produces purified air back into your home. While air purifiers can help most homeowners, the device is especially beneficial to those who currently struggle with respiratory illnesses.

UV Light: UV lights are beneficial to air quality, because the device removes allergens such as mold and bacteria. The device produces ultraviolet rays that kill harmful pollutants and keep you breathing clean air.

Regularly Change Air Filters

Maintaining clean air filters is one of the easiest ways to improve your home’s air quality. The square footage of your home determines the amount of air filters your home will utilize. Air filters are placed inside intake vents and sometimes in your HVAC unit. The purpose of the air filter is to catch pollutants before air is distributed into your home. If the filter pores are dirty, it will struggle to catch each pollutant that passes through. Dirty air filters can result in poor air quality and an overworked HVAC unit. We recommend changing filters in your home at least every 90 days.

Schedule Duct Cleaning

If your home utilizes air ducts, they will need to be cleaned from time to time. Air frequently passes through your air ducts to be distributed throughout your home, and pollutants can build up over time. Allergens such as dust and pet dander can settle in your ductwork and be picked up by air passing through. These pollutants enter your home and negatively impact your air quality and health. At AC Plus, we offer professional duct cleaning services in Redlands, CA and surrounding areas. Not only does duct cleaning improve air quality, but also:

  • Removes Odors
  • Creates A Cleaner Living Environment
  • Improves Airflow Efficiency

We are here to help you and your family breathe easy year-round, and especially during allergy season! Let an expert AC Plus technician help improve your indoor air quality in Victorville, Redlands, and Cucamonga, California and surrounding areas this spring season!

Tips To Prevent A Heating Breakdown

When temperatures are low in Victorville, CA, homeowners rely on their heating unit to keep their home warm and cozy. However, all heating systems can malfunction from time to time. A heating system breakdown in the middle of a cold front can leave your home chilly and uncomfortable. An AC Plus technician can be there in no time to restore your home comfort, but there are ways to prevent this uncomfortable situation from happening. In this blog, we discuss tips for homeowners to prevent a heating unit breakdown in Victorville and surrounding areas.

What Causes Heating Unit Breakdowns?

There is never a good time for your heating system to break down and leave your home uncomfortable, but AC Plus Heating & Cooling can quickly repair your unit. Heating systems can break down due to a variety of reasons depending on the type of heater. A common reason for heating units to breakdown is because a malfunction or obstruction is causing the unit to overwork itself. Additionally, heating unit breakdowns can be caused by clogged air filters, fuel supply issues, loss of power, and multiple other causes.

Signs Your Heating System May Breakdown

Heating system breakdowns often happen unexpectedly and at an inconvenient time. Your heating system often shows signs it will break down soon. Paying attention to the warning signs can avoid an uncomfortable and frustrating situation. Below are five signs homeowners in Apple Valley and surrounding areas experience before their heating unit breakdown.

  • Old Age
  • High Utility Bills
  • Excessive Dust
  • Unusual Noises
  • Inconsistent Temperatures

Ways To Prevent A Breakdown

If you take care of your heating system, it will take care of you. Properly maintaining your heating unit can help prevent an uncomfortable breakdown. Below are tips to avoid a heating system breakdown.

  • Regularly Change Air Filters
  • Schedule Heating Maintenance
  • Keep Unit Clean & Clear
  • Keep Air Vents Open
  • Seal & Insulate Your Home

Regularly Change Air Filters

Maintaining clean air filters throughout your home is one of the easiest ways to prevent a heating unit breakdown. If your air filters are clogged, your heating unit struggles to push air through the filter pores. The unit will use more energy attempting to push air through and meet the thermostat setting. This process will lead to a breakdown due to an overworked system or its inability to get air through the filter. We recommend changing your air filter at least every 90 days to ensure unit efficiency and good air quality. Additionally, be sure to change your furnace filter if your home uses a furnace system.

Schedule Heating Maintenance

To avoid a heating unit breakdown, we strongly encourage having your heating system serviced once a year. Heating units often break down due to underlying issues that are hard to predict. Scheduling heating maintenance with AC Plus allows one of our trained technicians to thoroughly inspect your heating unit. We repair components as needed and perform a variety of preventative tasks to ensure your comfort remains all season long. The type of heating system your home utilizes will determine specific tasks performed, but every home receives the following heating services:

  • Change/clean air filters
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Confirm/tighten electrical connections
  • Test thermostat
  • Inspect internal components

Much like cars need oil changes, heating units need maintenance to continue working efficiently and effectively. While we recommend scheduling heating maintenance in the fall, it is never too late to start taking care of your heating unit. Give us a call to schedule heating maintenance in Victorville, CA and surrounding areas!

Keep Unit Clean & Clear

Whether your heating unit is located inside or outside, it is important to ensure it remains clean and clear of debris and personal items. If your unit is outside, we recommend weekly checking the status. Remove tree branches, leaves, trash, and other debris to ensure your heating unit has proper ventilation and airflow. If your unit is inside, we recommend keeping personal belongings at least 30 inches away from the system. The unit needs room to breathe and should not have anything on top of or closely surrounding the system. Ensuring your heating system is clear and clean can avoid the unit overworking itself and breaking down.

Keep Air Vents Open

Contrary to popular belief, closed air vents will not save money on heating costs. We understand the logic behind not heating unused rooms, but closing air vents can only create more problems for your heating unit. Heating systems evenly distribute air throughout the air ducts, and closing a vent throws off the system’s balance. If you close an air vents, it creates excess pressure inside the air ducts and can lead to air leaks, ductwork damage, and a strained heating unit. The more strain your unit experiences, the more likely it is to break down.

Seal & Insulate Your Home

If your home has air leaking through cracks or due to lack of insulation, your heating unit can become overworked. Air can escape through cracks in windows, doors, and other areas and increase the workload for your heating unit. Similar to air leaks, air can escape through your roof or other areas without insulation. If air is escaping, your heating unit works harder and sometimes constantly to meet the thermostat setting. Along with helping your heating unit perform efficiently, you can save money and comfort by sealing and insulating your home in Victorville, CA.

We love visiting our customers, but we hope it is not in the event of an uncomfortable heating breakdown. Your comfort is our top priority, so we recommend considering these five tips to avoid a heating breakdown. If you experience a heating unit breakdown in Apple Valley or surrounding areas, give us a call! We can quickly repair and restore your home comfort in no time.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Winter temperatures in Victorville can fluctuate from chilly to pleasant, which can make maintaining home comfort difficult. Heat pump systems can be beneficial to constant weather fluctuations, because the unit can provide both heating and cooling. Rather than using separate heating and cooling units year round, heat pumps can provide flexibility and many other benefits for your home. In this blog, we will discuss how heat pumps operate and the advantages to installing one in California.

What Is A Heat Pump?

Contrary to popular belief, heat pumps can provide much more than just heating for your home. The term “heat” in the name refers to transferring heat rather than generating it. The home device simply collects heat energy and relocates it to the desired location, whether indoors for heating or outdoors for cooling. Heat pumps use similar operational processes and components for each season to quickly maintain home comfort. Heat pumps can easily be changed from heating to cooling, which is the same process but in reverse.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and only utilize electricity to operate. Heat pumps function using six main components: outdoor unit, indoor air handler, refrigerant, compressor, reversing valve, and expansion valve. The three main types of heat pumps are air source, water source, and ground source.

In the winter, heat pumps draw heat energy from outside air, water, or the ground depending on the type of unit. From there, the heat energy is blown over the heat exchanger and causes the liquid refrigerant to evaporate and turn into a gas. The gas is then moved into the compressor, which increases the pressure and raises the temperature. The heat is sent through the air ducts and distributed throughout your home. This process continues until the thermostat setting is met.

Heat pumps use the same process in the summer months, but in reverse. Heat energy is collected inside your home and transferred outside. The cooling process is similar to a standard air conditioner’s process.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are the most common type, because of the easy installation process. Air source heat pumps simply draw heat energy from the outside air and relocate it inside. This type of heat pump is beneficial in climates such as Victorville, because temperatures rarely drop below freezing. While heat pumps can operate in cold weather, the unit uses less energy where heat is easily present.

Water Source Heat Pumps

Water source heat pumps are less common, because the unit draws heat from a nearby lake or pond. Water sources are not readily available for most homes, which decreases the likelihood of water source heat pumps throughout the U.S. However, heat transfers more efficiently in water when compared to air which decreases energy usage.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps have components buried underground and function by a ground loop. Ground source heat pumps are more costly to install, but have high efficiency rates. Similar to a cave, the ground is cooler than the air in the summer and warmer than the air in the winter, which makes transferring heat energy an efficient and easy process.

Benefits Of A Heat Pump

Heat pumps can provide many advantages to your home and comfort. Below are four benefits to installing a heat pump in Oak Hills and surrounding areas.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Two-In-One System
  • Minimal Maintenance

Energy Efficient

Due to the process of transferring heat rather than generating it, heat pumps use less energy when compared to other heating systems. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, installing an air source heat pump can cut electricity usage in half when compared to electric resistance heating units such as furnaces.

Environmentally Friendly

Heat pumps do not burn fossil fuels to provide heat, which can benefit the environment. Heat pumps strictly operate using electricity and can reduce carbon emissions released into the air. Due to the Inflation Reduction Act, homeowners can receive tax credits and rebates for switching to an energy efficient heating option, such as heat pumps, in 2023. Give us a call to learn more about how to reduce your carbon footprint by installing a heat pump in Victorville!

Two-In-One System

As we mentioned, heat pumps can provide both heating and cooling for your home. Heat pumps can serve as a flexible option when winter and summer temperatures fluctuate. Installing a heat pump can provide convenience and maintain a constant comfortable temperature year round.

Minimal Maintenance

Due to heat pumps being a two-in-one system, the unit can cut down on maintenance and repairs each season. The unit uses the same components to both heat and cool, which makes maintenance and repairs easier and less frequent when compared to servicing two separate units. However, we still recommend servicing your heat pump twice a year to ensure your unit is in good health.

Heat pumps can be a beneficial home comfort system to install in your Victorville home. Consider these benefits when deciding whether to replace or repair your heating system. Our trained technicians can install or repair all types and brands of heat pumps in the Apple Valley area!

Get Quick Access To AC installations In Victorville, CA

Looking for AC installations Victorville CA? Well everyone knows what the weather in California can be like. In the fall and winter, the weather is nice and cool but in the summer and spring, forget about it.

Victorville is located in the highest desert climate that ranges from below zero in the winter to 110 degrees F in the summer. Basically, it’s either you make it through the heatwaves or you don’t, there really is no gray area.

Put Us On Speed Dial

For this reason you might want to put truly reliable AC installations Victorville CA services on your smartphone speed dial or list of Very Important People. The reason is that a good installation from a great company really does make a huge difference. You will know what we mean the moment you give us a call.

Power Through A Hot Summer

There just isn’t getting around to avoiding a hot summer when the temperatures soar. In fact, if you have an old AC this may just be the season you decide to upgrade your system and finally get a new AC installed. Whether you had been planning it for years or just decided yesterday, an upgrade is probably the healthiest thing you can do to prepare for summer.

Avoid Heat Strokes

After all, a heat stroke is not a laughing matter. Particularly for homes that have children and the elderly, protecting yourself from anything extreme, be it extreme heat or extreme cold is the best thing you can do for your health.

It may even be safe to say that getting a brand new AC installations Victorville CA is the healthiest, most cost-effective decision you can make for your household.

We Save Your Health

Keeping yourself healthy partly means staying away from extreme weather. When you live in a state that gets quite hot in the summertime, it is always better to play it safe. Why risk your health?

Keeping yourself cool with brand new AC installations Victorville CA may save thousands of dollars in health costs in the long run. This is particularly true now that the ozone layer has been depleted. You simply can’t risk overheating.

Expertise At Your Fingertips

In Victorville, CA, it really isn’t that hard to find expert AC installations Victorville CA. whether you need home or commercial installations for your AC, or both, knowing whom to call makes a huge difference between a repeat job and one that lasts for years.

To put it another way, a good company will assure you of a long lasting installation you can enjoy for years to come. All you need to do is to get in touch with us in the area of Victorville and we can come to your rescue.

Your Highest Standards

We put our customers first and understand that only the highest standards are acceptable in Victorville, CA. For this reason we send only licensed, certified technicians to do your AC installations Victorville CA.

You can be assured of only the best service each and every time. In fact, we look forward to your referral as well as more business from you. This is most likely the reason we have been in the business for years. Give us a call today at 909-476-1866.

When Should You Replace Your AC Unit?

We understand how frustrating it can be when your air-conditioner stops working. You need your AC fixed, but the cost of repairs is huge. You know something has to change and that you need to stay cool. This is what leads many to consider AC replacement Victorville CA.

Perhaps you are struggling with the decision to replace your AC. It’s no problem to us. We give advice and quotes to help you decide when you need to replace your AC. Read below for some ideas, Then contact us for tailored advice on your AC replacement Victorville CA.

What To Look For When Deciding To Replace Your AC

Repairs Versus Replacement

First: Let’s look at situations where replacement might be necessary, and when repairs could be done instead. Which one should you choose? That depends on your situation. How much is it going to cost you to have your current AC repaired?

If the cost of repair is the same or almost the same as a replacement, then you should go for a replacement. Perhaps you have spent a lot of money on repairs already. This probably means you need to replace your unit before shelling out more money on repairs.

Consider The Age Of Your Unit

Eventually, your AC will become too old for repairs. Like every appliance, your AC will reach a point where it will need replacing. If your unit is 10-years or older, it is seriously time to consider a replacement.

Parts will be worn out, The motor might need replacing and the costs will make repairs counterproductive. We can help with this. Contact us now for your quote on AC replacement Victorville CA.

Large Scale Repairs

Have the coils packed it in? Is your unit no longer working? Perhaps the fan is not blowing cold air, or not enough air. Maybe your AC is making strange noises or has a strange smell. It may be time to look at replacing your AC before more problems occur. Contact us now for a free quote on an AC replacement Victorville CA.

How We Can Help You

Are you looking for an AC replacement? Our company is always here to provide the best support and service. Our contractors are extremely qualified to do the work and will take the time to assess your needs, and discuss what needs to be done.

Our customer support team goes above and beyond to make sure you get what you need. People come to us again and again for support. We also offer 24/7 support for any issues you are having. Call us now on 909-476-1866 or reach out to our Contact Us page.

Warning Signs That You May Need Emergency AC Repair

When it comes to the Summer, your air conditioning unit is invaluable. Think of the comfort it provides on those scorching hot summer days. This is why many homeowners are scared that their unit may kick the bucket. However, this is where you should be considering emergency AC repair Victorville CA.

After all, think about it. Consider your AC breaks down on the hottest day of the month, it’s going to suck right? Well, if you know the right signs to look out for you will never have to worry about your AC unit unexpectedly croaking when you need it the most.

Warning Signs Your AC Is Ready To Croak

Ominous Moans, Grinding, Bumps, And Groans In The Night

Many homeowners don’t realize how many signs that their air conditioning unit gives them before it kicks the bucket. For example, if you hear ominous noises coming from your unit, well- it is a sure sign that something is dreadfully wrong with your unit.

The problem is if you are experiencing this issue an emergency AC repair Victorville CA needs to be on the order for the day. Leaving the problem will only lead it to develop into something costlier.

Inadequate Cooling / Warm Air From Your Vents

This particular problem can originate anywhere from your external unit to your ductwork or vents. If you discover that instead of that amazing cool, and refreshing air you get warm and well, unpleasant air then it is essential that you get a hold of an emergency AC repair Victorville CA service.

Although this particular issue is not as bad as the above-mentioned. Leaving it can still lead to costly repairs and if you are not careful, you may even find yourself searching the market for a new air conditioning unit.

Strange Smells From Your AC

This is one of the more pressing concerns when it comes to warning signs that your air conditioner is in need of an emergency AC repair Victorville CA service. If you smell something burning in your home, it could be the cause of burnt or worn down wiring from your cooling unit.

Get Help From The Pros

The most important thing to do when it comes to your air conditioning unit is to be proactive. Through ensuring regular maintenance check-ups you will be able to extend the overall longevity of your unit and delay any unforeseen expenses, such as emergency AC repair Victorville CA.

We want to help you! Instead of wasting hours of your time trying to find a suitable company to handle your air conditioning needs, why not give us a call? To do this simply reach out to this number 909-476-1866 or contact us online.

Avoid These Common Mistakes To Keep Your AC Happy

Now that summer has arrived we couldn’t be any happier about the most enjoyable season of the year. It may be important to you to be able to keep your home cool even on the hottest days of the year. However, are you making common mistakes that could at worst-case lead to an AC replacement in Victorville CA.

Taking good care of your AC unit will not only ensure you save some extra bucks on the electricity bill during this season, but it will also get the best out of the system without having to pay for unnecessary repairs.

Keep It Cool

Even if it’s hotter than ever, keeping your AC unit running 24/7 will use extra energy and deteriorate the system beyond repair, which will lead to an AC replacement in Victorville CA. The airflow within the household will go dry and could cause a sore throat or further respiratory problems. To avoid this and save some bucks on your bill, you can opt for leaving the thermostat up in the mornings until you get back.

Make Sure You Use It Every Now And Then

Leaving your cooling unit off for long periods of time could lead to dust and debris building up within. Along with the humidity, depending on the season, it could also make the perfect home for mold to develop. Of course, this increases the chances of a respiratory problem occurring.

A very effective way to control this issue without having to get an AC replacement in Victorville CA, is to get a Wi-Fi thermostat. This way, whenever you’re out of the house, you will still have full-control over your thermostat.

Don’t Abuse The Thermostat

When the hottest days of the year are here, we can’t really blame you for wanting to cool your house down as fast as possible. However, setting the thermostat much lower than the temperature you desire will make the whole unit work even harder than it should, which could shorten its lifespan or cause some serious problems that will cost you quite a bit.

Set the Thermostat at the exact temperature you want. It’s not worth it to risk its performance in the future for a degree more or less. First, you won’t even feel it, and second, it will eventually affect your pockets.

Get The Best Out Of The Fans

Fans contribute to the cooling of the house without using as much energy as an AC unit. It might not do the whole job, but it definitely makes your Air Conditioner’s life much easier. Besides being an improvement for the look of your home, they also help you save money!

If you’re in High Desert give us a call today at 760-243-4440, or 909-476-1866 if you’re in Rancho Cucamonga. You can also reach us through our contact page!

Air-Conditioning Installation DIY Or Not?

Have you just bought an air-conditioning unit? Are you trying to decide if installing it yourself is a good idea? Perhaps, getting a contractor in to install the unit for you is smarter? It can be tempting to do it yourself, but is this the best policy? WAIT! Before you do anything, contact the AC installation Victorville, CA experts for further advice.

In the meantime, here is some food for thought for those that are considering DIY AC installations.

Consider the costs Involved

Paying someone to install your air-conditioning can be expensive. However, while installing the unit yourself may seem cheaper, consider that in the long run, it may work out costing more. If the air-conditioning unit malfunctions, you will not have a warranty. By the time you add on parts, repairs, and labor, this can be costly. Also consider the contractor may have to re-install the unit, depending on how well it was done.

Do You Have The skills to DIY?

Do you have the technical skills to install your own air-conditioner? Some do, but many don’t. It will take far longer to install the air-conditioner if you do not have the knowledge on how to install the unit.

The job may not be done as neatly, which means possibly re-installation later on. Are you stopping to read the manual every few moments? Are you struggling to understand the process of installing the air-conditioner? That being the case, Contact a contractor.

A contractor has the qualifications and skills necessary to enable them to install your air-conditioning. They will be effective, quick and neat. Contact the AC installation Victorville CA team for advice on finding a contractor.

Depending On The Type Of Unit, You Will Need A Contractor

Most HVAC and central air-conditioning systems will need professionals to install it. They are not for DIY consumers to install. The skills and technique required make it only suitable for contractors to perform the installation. If you have one of these systems, contact the AC installation Victorville CA team for advice. They will come out, do a quote and install your awesome cooling unit.

How we can help

Have you tried installing your own air-conditioning unit? Has it broken down or not installed properly? Our friendly team provides AC installation Victorville CA. We are here to offer guidance and support 24/7.

We will find a contractor to look at your air-conditioning unit and perform any repairs. If you are looking for a new installation, we do that too. To get a quote on your air-conditioning needs, Contact us on 909-476-1866 or visit us on the web at AC Plus Heating And Air .

Why You Should Let A Professional Install Your Air Conditioner!

As much as we love projects anyone can do on their own. Some of them are better left for a team of professionals. Not knowing on a professional level how to deal with all possible issues during an installation, could lead to you having to get an emergency AC repair in Victorville CA.

California is experiencing the hottest days ever recorded, and though it’s quite concerning, you should be able to enjoy it nevertheless. Whatever happens throughout the Summer, it should never interfere with you or your family being able to enjoy the most beautiful season of the year, Here are a few reasons why you should leave it to the pros!

Where Is The Best Place To Put It?

Air Conditioners are expensive. There’s simply no way around that. While it would be great for you to take pride on it and install it or fix it yourself, unless you have the necessary experience, it can result in high unforeseen costs. Yes, even higher than the fee for a professional getting it right in the first place!

Leaving all the hard work to professionals will only ensure that your cooling unit will be placed strategically in the best place so that you get the most out of it. Doing it by yourself, if you don’t have the experience, could result in a faulty installation. Sadly, with the weather as it is nowadays, it could also force you to get an emergency AC repair in Victorville CA.

Let It Breathe!

If you want your air conditioner to be put outside in order to get a better and fresher airflow, you should always keep in mind the landscape around the unit. Since, placing a system in an environment where elements such as weed or grass could quickly develop, would most likely cause your unit to have difficulties while “breathing”

Having Tools Doesn’t Mean You Have THE Tools!

Anything to do with air conditioning is a delicate process which you should never take lightly. Though you might have a good set of tools, trained and qualified professionals know how to do it right keeping your satisfaction and happiness as a priority.

If you happen to find some of the machinery unfamiliar, we strongly advise to leave it to our team and that way you’ll avoid having to get an emergency AC repair in Victorville CA.

If you have the experience, tools, and knowledge when it comes to air conditioning, you’re a few steps ahead and we couldn’t be more proud. However, risking the task to be taken on your own could incur into bigger expenses that might or might not lead to permanent damage or an emergency service.

Give us a call today at 760-243-4440 if you’re in High Desert, or 909-476-1866 if you’re in Rancho Cucamonga. We have the experience and count on a highly qualified team of professionals that will ensure you are happy and satisfied! If a call is a bit difficult, be sure to check out our Contact Us page.

Don’t overpay for AC service: Why flat rate is fairest

Here at AC Plus, we are here for you. Our founder Ron started this business because so many AC companies had tried to overcharge and under deliver, he decided it was time for a change. We are committed to providing you with the best service in the industry at an affordable and set price.

It’s easy for a contractor to quote you a low price to sucker you into starting work and then raise the price as they ‘discover’ all sorts of other problems that need to be addressed. This isn’t just dishonest, it’s a scam. This is one of the most abhorrent practices a business can engage in. If it’s ever happened to you, you know how maddening and entrapping it can feel.

That’s why at AC Plus, we charge every AC service in Apple Valley, CA at a fixed rate which is determined before we start service and listed in writing in our documentation. This way, not only do you know what you’ll have to pay before you commit, but you also know that we aren’t quoting you at a higher rate than our last client because we think we can get away with it.

Our values:

We believe in quality service at every level of business and are here for you. We are an HVAC company founded on the ideals of integrity and honesty and we uphold those values in everything we do.
We are a business run by local people for local people. We’re not some global corporation that will treat you like a number or and invoice. To us, you are our neighbor and we are here to make sure you’re taken care of.
We have compassionate staff and trustworthy technicians. AC Plus runs more like a family than a business most days. You can feel the care and pride that goes into all of our work.

It’s almost summer

This time of year is the most popular time for AC service in Apple Valley, CA. The summer is fast approaching and after a whole winter of inactivity, your AC unit may have a couple of issues getting going again.

If you don’t currently have a regular maintenance plan scheduled, you should set one up with us. That way you can ensure that your AC keeps working at top quality for years to come. After all, an AC unit is a big investment and you want to protect it, both for it’s monetary value and for your continued comfort.

If you are hiring another contractor right now to do what seems like endless repairs and the bills just keep adding up far beyond what was originally quoted to you, don’t put up with it. AC service in Apple Valley, CA isn’t rocket science. We can tell you what a job will cost before we start and you won’t have to worry at all. So tell the con artist that’s working on your unit to go home. You won’t be needing him anymore. Call AC Plus at (760)243-4440 and we’ll take it from here.

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