Health benefits of installing a new AC unit

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We all breath a lot. Think about it. How many thousands of breaths do you think you take per day? Each time you take one, you are filling your lungs with whatever chemicals, toxins and particles are in the air around you. That air refuels your blood cells and is then circulated all throughout your body.

What you breath is a big deal and has a powerful effect on your brain and body. That’s why people smoke, it’s one of the fastest ways for chemicals to enter the body and bloodstream, short of direct injection.

Now think about all of the chemicals and toxins in our everyday lives. If you’re having trouble thinking of any, just open the cupboard under your kitchen sink or above your washer and dryer. You probably have dozens of chemicals throughout your house. Not to mention, the gas that powers your home and the chemicals inside of the electronic and mechanical devices that are constantly powering our modern lives.

Getting an AC installation in Apple Valley, CA is about more than cold air, it’s about your health. Outdoors, there are plants and storms and sun rays to clean and purify the air you breath. Without these natural filters, the air would be poisonous and it’s unlikely that any of us would exist. Indoors, away from nature’s purification, air can become laden with chemicals, toxins and particles that we breathe in the entire time we are home.

The average person spends up to a third of their life sleeping. Unless you sleep in your yard, this means that more than a third of your life is spent breathing the air in your home. If it is full of chemicals and toxins, those are having a huge impact on your health.

An AC installation in Apple Valley, CA won’t just cool your air down, it will purify it, filter it, and cycle it so that it stays fresh and healthy. No more breathing in dust, or absorbing airborne chemicals. It’s time for a healthy summer full of fun and enjoyment.

And when you come back inside after a long day enjoying the hot California summer, you’ll be welcomed by a cold house full of fresh air. You’ll go to the fridge, grab a nice, cold beverage and relax in the comfort of a well kept home. That’s how you want to live this summer.

So stop putting up with hot, stale air. Stop breathing your own recycled existence over and over again. Say goodbye to dust and dander and pollen still floating around from last spring. Cal AC Plus and ask about AC installation in Apple Valley, CA today. If you want to really take care of yourself this summer we can also install indoor air quality packages and extra filters and purification systems to ensure that you feel your very best all year. Our phone number is (760)243-4440.